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Modify Page of Guilty Gear of Home-Night style, and You can download the Guilty Gear Theme Skins of SogouInputM on it. Download Now >
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英文名:Radical Dreamers / Noriko Mitose (Chrono Chross)
日文名:RADICAL DREAMERS 盗めない宝石/みとせのりこ(クロノ·クロス)

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ACG chronicles of 80s: Memory on Cucurbit Brother(China), Care Bear(USA), Saints Seiya(Japan), etc...

Homepage of new style is on line.

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Cowboy Bebop

Birth is the beginning of death
Death is the continuation of reality
Reality is the end of dream
Do You Love Me?
Smile is false, truth is painful.
Fusion of two hearts, will hurt ourselves. . .

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