Birth is the beginning of death
Death is the continuation of reality
Reality is the end of dream
Do You Love Me?
Smile is false, truth is painful.
Fusion of two hearts, will hurt ourselves. . .

To My Friends Who Are...









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Maybe someday, you will hear their voice... The spring in our heart, Refrain of soul, Tour to dream, Inversion tarrot, Vice love, Intone on love, life & miracle, Old Clock...

Unusual fiction Fate Eve Series: When a girl who is doomed to can not be loved meet the man who is doomed to love her... It is a story on love, life and eternity, Fate Eve just a beginning... When king lose his heart to a Magic, the wheel of fate begin to turn on...

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魔法遣いに大切なこと - Magic World presented by Yosichigi kumichi, larruping nature painting


Game fiction by GOLDBIRD Studio.
The World of SD is a world of Sword and Magic

LAIN is a different, special, completely new or fashionabel type or trend anime. Now let's enter the LAIN's world

Style of Valentines' Day is on line.

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