Maybe someday, you will hear their voice... The spring in our heart, Refrain of soul, Tour to dream, Inversion tarrot, Vice love, Intone on love, life & miracle, Old Clock...

Unusual fiction Fate Eve Series: When a girl who is doomed to can not be loved meet the man who is doomed to love her... It is a story on love, life and eternity, Fate Eve just a beginning... When king lose his heart to a Magic, the wheel of fate begin to turn on...

魔法遣いに大切なこと - Magic World presented by Yosichigi kumichi, larruping nature painting


Game fiction by GOLDBIRD Studio.
The World of SD is a world of Sword and Magic

LAIN is a different, special, completely new or fashionabel type or trend anime. Now let's enter the LAIN's world

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