Paradise Kiss
Seven 16230



Yukari is a pretty-faced high school senior that studies dutifully for her university entrance exams. Although the school is a key school,her scores were not very well in order to make the mother happy. when she was suspected of the value of her life, she encountered a group of students from the Yazagaku fashion school who wanted to designer, those four students jointly operate an own brand named paradise kiss. when they are looking for models for the anniversary costume contest, they found Yukari, would like to ask her to be their model. At the beginning Yukari was very exclusive, but at last, she promised to be their models, because she want to have a different experience. And then, she fell in love with the leader of Paradise Kiss George, for revolt against to her family, she left home and cohabited with George. Afterward, they have some wrangle for the reason she left home, but it confirmed the dream she wanted to be models. George's indifference is always to make Yukari fly into a rage, she lost between love and hate, because what she need was different from George. They both found that although they were fall in love, but they had different ideal. At last, Geoge went to France in order to become a senior couture designer, and Yukari stayed to continue modeling career in Japan. George had said that only a person can wear paradise kiss clothes, it is purple. Although George and purple love one another, but can not get along, casual George left all paradise kiss clothes to the purple, there is better able to express love for Yukari than anything.
This story has a very special place, normal girl comic emphasis on "to give up everything for love", but this ending of the story can be said to subvert this logic. But the story illustrates the importance of the pursuit of the ideal. The couple those ideal divergence will eventually break up. Quote a phrase the heroine lines "because we seek completely different thing". The love comics of Yazagaku has been to go the reality route in recent years, That without anything to make the plot of male and female separation does not occur in her story. In the comics, in addition to the plot, beautiful clothes and jewelry are also special. Because the story is about the costume design, and the author is professional in it, clothing accessories in the story are very elegant, in addition to the fictional Paradise Kiss brand, readers can also see the emergence of many different international brand accessories.