Golden Sun
Seven 16720



Known as "Great Civilization" of ancient, the world was full of alchemical force.
Ages ago, or so the stories tell, the power of Alchemy ruled over the world of Weyard. Alchemy wrought the base elements of humanity into thriving civilizations, like lead into gold. But in time, man's dreams gave birth to untold strife. Dreams of endless riches, of eternal life, of dominion over all that lived... Dreams of conquest and war.
Owing to the crisis led by the abuse of the power, human decided to enclose the power of the four elements in four gem (also known as the Star of the elements), hidden in underground Temple of the Sun on Mt. Aleph.
The fact became legend, legend became myth, and gradually came into the fate of being forgotten.
Today, only a handful of people who still retain the alchemy of grace, that is, the ability to use psynergy spells. These people are the descendants of the ancient, or the descendants of the lighthouse guardian, such as the water psynergists in Imil. So is our protagonist, Robin. In Robin's hometown, by the impact of the energy stone in village, men and women can use psynergy spells. Although this ability is innate, but the ability to use psynergy spells is kind of a spirit force, it required practice and the training of mental concentration, in order to use it freely. These people who are called psynergist, quietly through the day in the humble village, do not contact with outsiders in non-essential, and also try not to use psynergy spells in front of ordinary people. Only psynergist can see the ability of psynergy spells, for example, use the MOVE psynergy spells to push the statue without touching it, psynergist can see a big hand in pushing, but most people think hell! ! How the statue would run! ! It is probably the reason that they try not to use psynergy spells in front of ordinary people. If some psynergist apart from his clansmen, and nobody taught he how to control the power of psynergy spells, it would be unlucky. So is Ewan, was considered a freak in his childhood. Siba is fortunate, because she was as a gift of heaven, Son of God.
The Temple of the Sun where place the seal element Star, guarded by the inhabitant of Robin's home, Village of Vale, from generation to generation. The quiet life was broken when the Fire psynergists in the north to send someone to stole the Star of the elements. Unfortunately, they touched the Temple mechanism, and all of them were dead except Saturos and Menardi. It also brought a storm to Vale, Robin's father, Jenna's parents and brother have disappeared under the falling boulders in the landslide.
Three years past, and Saturos and Menardi came back, although they can not gain any intelligence from the old scholars Kraden, they has provoked the curiosity of the old urchin. Kraden incited Robin, Jenna and Garet join him into the adventure of the Temple of the Sun, the four broke into the chamber where place the elements of the star, Saturos and Menardi followed them and took the opportunity to snatched the Star of elements. Unexpectedly, the chamber without the support of the elements of Star started to collapsed. Both sides fled in a flurry.
Djinn that occupy an important position in the golden sun, fire, wind, water, four kinds of elves, ever slumbered in the elements of Star that were holding in the goddess' hands , on the moment, scattered all over the world in the vulcanian eruption. The vulcanian eruption of Mt. Aleph is so ferocious that it can felt by the inhabitant live in Kalay, a town in the south of mainland. Vale was saved by The Wise One. But more trouble yet to come, the seal of alchemy can not be solved in order not to reproduce the ancient tragedy. Although The Wise One as a patron saint, do not know what to keep. The patron saint who lost the Star of the three elements, forced upon Robin and Garet to bring the elements of the Star back...
Thus, this is the beginning of the story ...