Hi Familiar strangers,
Do you remenber the first day you met My Wonderland...

The First Day

On August 7th, 2008, My Wonderland on line via free domain of 0fee.
50 sec, 50 min, 50 h, 50 weeks, and 50 months, how time flies!
1522 days has passed till October 7th,2012, maybe you ever remember the animation of Cappuccino can change its patterns.

Move to uCoz

2010 is a memorable year, My Wonderland move to uCoz in this year and use new logo and new UI system.
In 2011, My Wonderland use new domain name - 7swing.com
It is a whole new MWL in front of you.

Keep Improving

My Wonderland Plus is the fourth vertion of My Wnderland.

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Pages of My Wonderland increases from 21 to 100+, four origin works is under serializing, and we sure that MWL will becomes better with each passing day.

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As a personal site, PV/day of My Wonderland up to 3326.


Visitors to My Wonderland come from 45 counties all round the world , cover five continents.
Even if we only use two lanuage, Chinese and English.

Site Owner

About site owner, many visit guess he/she/it(?) is ...


It is a wonderland where we can share our experiences ,
feelings and something Unusual.

The Future

Do you remember the loading of rotating wheel in the first vertion of MWL?
It means, life is a circle, we apart on a point of the circle,and will meet again on another point of the circle.
Keep everyday of your life company with My Wonderland.

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