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Site Info

First impressions of My Wonderland.


LAIN is our irregularly magazine of My Wonderland.
There are four kinds of LAIN to meet the different demands of people, including Lain Books, Lain Music, Lain Game, Lain Lyrics, Lain A.C.

A . C . G

My favorite Animes, Comics and Games.
Maybe you can find childhood memories here.


Go without saying, you know it.

The Next World

A series of fiction on world destruction.
She is a girl who was is doom to end the world. So she was cooped up in a castle named Garden of Gods.
One day, a boy open the castle gate and find her, wheel of fortune turns everything on...

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Saint & Devil

In the vast continent Arcslant, circulating an ancient legend - a long, long time ago, the Almighty of the creation - Lapha and the God of destroy Mega had a tragic decisive fight, this fight lasted a long time, and finally, Lapha defeated Mega and save the world from destruction. However, the world has been devastated after the great fight, Lapha destroyed Mega's body and inhibited Mega's soul in his own body to assimilated Mega, and recover the world with the force of creation. From that time, the descendants of Lapha handed down the mission of their ancestors from age to age, and safeguarded this world ...

Time flies, hundreds of years passed, the descendants of Lapha from the legend were gradually faded from people's memory. Human forget the existence of God, and put his focus on their own desires in the struggle for the sake of the territory, sovereignty...

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Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land is a amazing land. People live there can use magical power. it also has some kinds of infrahuman there, such as Wingman, 3 eyes-human, fox demon.

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Single Novels and Fan fictions here.

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The latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics and behavior. Fashion yourself!


Usability in Product Design.


User Interface design in Website, Mobile, Software and Game.


Make you world-renowned.

7 - Blog

Weekly Diaries.

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12 - Blog

Monthly Diaries.

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