Jun 1st

New Special Plan - Best 7'Blog. More Details >

Mar 28th

Style Update.

Dec 30th

New 7'Blog on line. More Details >

Dec 18th

New Special Plan - Doomsday only belongs to us on line. More Details >

Dec 15th

New Special Plan - Make Web-Friendly Design on line. More Details >

Nov 16th

Design - Usability update. More Details >

Nov 10th

Site Map (Visual version, 1280×768 and the above resolution, browse on full-screen) on line. Check it out >

Oct 18th

MY Wonderland uses new icons style - "Hemisphere". More Details >

Oct 11th

Wonder Forum online. Post new theads now >

Oct 10th

Wonder Work use new interactive mode, you can read whole chapter of the book in the Index page, via helper buttons to change chapter prev/next. And former pages on single book will be unavailable. More Details >

Oct 7th

My Wonderland Timeline - 50 months chronicles. More Details >

Oct 6th

Occultism + Doomsday + Future Tech + Space-time Chaos + Summon + Apocalypse + lycan + Vampire + X-Men, all trend of the elements in "The Next World".
"Eden of Wind - The Next World" is under serializing on line. More Details >

Oct 3rd

Add lyrics text on Lain Lyrics page (Flash player requirement). More Details >

Sep 14th

Main page of new version online. More Details >

Sep 8th

Design pages of new version online. More Details >

Sep 6th

Work - Final Dream update. More Details >

Aug 25th

Attention please! The site will be light in the daytime and be dark after sunset.

Aug 8th

Work - Fate Eve update. More Details >

July 20th

My Wonderland Plus on line.

Feb 14th

Pages of Interface - BLUE System update. More Details >

Jan 12nd

Pages of Design update. More Details >

Jan 11th

Modify Page of Guilty Gear of Home-Night style, and You can download the Guilty Gear Theme Skins of SogouInputM on it. Download Now >
( P.S. BlazBlue Theme Skins is coming soon... )

Dec 7th

Homepage of new style is on line.

Dec 3rd

Homepage of Night style (Html5+css3) is on line. More details >

Apr 13rd

Modify css of Design-page.

Feb 10th

Style of Valentines' Day is on line.

Jan 28th

Add guide of whole site on HOME pages; Add a new FAVICON.

Jan 22ed

Work-logos ("Final Deam" and "Saint & Devil" update)

Jan 17th

WebPages on CLOVER update to My Wonderland.