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May.12.2013 (Blog on Sunday)


Apr.23.2013 (Blog on Tueday)

I can feel the empty of this world. - Fay · TNW

Apr.14.2013 (Blog on Sunday)

Sometimes, I would like to be something does not belong to this world.

Mar.27.2013 (Blog on Wednesday)

Let the body become the dust, let the heart become the shine, and let the soul become the wind...

Mar.27.2013 (Blog on Wednesday)

I am standing here, holding my bottle, waiting for someone who can find the butterfly of my soul.

Mar.16.2013 (Blog on Saturday)

伤我的心,便是在伤害这个世界——Felix · TNW

Feb.21.2013 (Blog on Thursday)


Jan.20.2013 (Blog on Sunday)

I prefer to lonely free, rather than accomapanied constraint.

Jan.20.2013 (Blog on Sunday)

Reflect the past...
Your Childhood...
Your Parents...
Your Friends...
It will never wait...
It will take all the things
From you...


Jan.20.2013 (Blog on Sunday)

最后附上火纹觉醒的官网 | 喜欢收集wp的点这里

Jan.17.2013 (Blog on Thursday)

Reflect to your Childhood...
Your Sense...
Your Word...
Your Emotion...
It will no wait...
No Matter how hard you hold on
It will still...
Escapes you...

- FF8

Jan.8.2013 (Blog on Tuesday)

Follow your wings, free your soul.

Jan.2.2013 (Blog on Wednesday)


Jan.1.2013 (Blog on Tuesday)

你上位时,人们对你的好,是奉承;你下位时,人们对你的好,是怜悯:什么是真实,什么是虚幻;什么是幸福,什么是悲伤:不过是时间和我们开的玩笑——风华 《灭·世纪》

Jan.1.2013 (Blog on Tuesday)

Love, is a kind of selfish to others, it make human being pin down with each other.

Jan.1.2013 (Blog on Tuesday)

Why Die?
Because alive.
Why live?
Because lonely, all lonely people live to find communications with others..


Dec.25.2012 (Blog on Tueday)

That can not be some you want to be is better than being someone you do not want to be.

Dec.9.2012 (Blog on Sunday)

Life is a maze, you will never know who you will encounter in the next corner.

Dec.9.2012 (Blog on Sunday)

Every human has the same face, same mind and same desires.
人类全长着同样的脸,有着共同的看法和欲望。——Fay · 《灭·世纪》

Nov.24.2012 (Blog on Saturday)


Oct.25.2012 (Blog on Thursday)

Everyone has a body, so we are alive and full of vitality; everyone has a heart, so we can feel love and emotions; everyone has a soul, so we are diiferent from each other.
One day, our body will lose all vitality and we will die, our heart will stop beating even we are convinced of our love will never end, however, our souls will go on...
It is all right to give up my body, cos it make me throw all my desire away, it is all right to give up my heart, if I have no one to love, but I will hold my soul forever, untill I become the truth...

Sep.27.2012 (Blog on Thursday)

It is humans' world. Someone happy, someone sad; Someone up, someone down; Someone is somebody, someone is nobody; Some one has many friends, and someone is just alone... What a colorful humans' world.

About Sunday

It is the first of a week.
Sunday is named after our Sun.
Sunday is called '日曜日' in ancient China and other countries influenced by Chinese traditional culture such as Japan.
The first Sunday after the full moon (the Paschal Full Moon) following the northern hemisphere's vernal equinox is Easter.
The second Sunday every May is Mothers' Day.
and the third Sunday every June is Fathers' Day.
Sunday is the last day of rest in most countries. Office staff love and hate it cos it means they will go back to work soon.
Christian will go church on Sunday.

Sep.23.2012 - Glee (Blog on Sunday)

Glee is amazing, and music in it is wonderful.

Aug.25.2012 (Blog on Saturday)

《My Wonderland昼夜版上线》:从今天开始,在白天和夜里访问My Wonderland会呈现完全不一样的界面哦!大家可以试试更改系统时间访问,白昼版在系统时间AM 7:00至PM 7:00可以看到,剩下的时间则会看到夜幕版哇咔咔...

Aug.7.2012 (Blog on Tuesday)


Aug.4.2012 (Blog on Saturday)

Fay - The Next World

July.29.2012 (Blog on Sunday)

Update 3 photos in My Work. check it out >

July.15.2012 (Blog on Sunday)

偶尔,会想创造这样一个世界—— 即使为所欲为,也不会伤害到他人; 每一个善意的眼神,总能够换来别人友好的微笑; 曾经最无望的人,能够在这里感受幸福; 曾经最无力的人,能够在这里把握希望; 曾经失落的灵魂,能够在这里找到回家的路; 即使是一天四分之五的时间都在沉睡的我,也能够在这里迎接梦想,在梦中看见拂晓的晨光; 即使醒来,梦也不会完结,而在现实中继续……

About Saturday

Saturday is the day of the week following Friday and preceding Sunday. Saturday is the seventh and therefore last day of the week according to many commonly used calendars. Its Latin name dies Saturni ("Saturn's Day") entered into Old English as Saeternesdaeg. Saturday was named no later than the 2nd century for the planet Saturn, which controlled the first hour of that day according to Vettius Valens. Prior to that, the old English name was sunnanæfen ("sun"+"eve").

About Wednesday

Wednesday(Wed.) is in the middle of the common Western 5-day workweek that starts on Monday and finishes on Friday.
Wednesday is the day of Mercury, reflecting the fact that the Germanic god Woden (Wodanaz or Odin) during the Roman era was interpreted as "Germanic Mercury".
Wednesday is sometimes referred to as "hump day" in American English slang.

Jul.14.2012 (Blog on Saturday)


Feb.8.2012 (Blog on Wednesday)


Feb.7.2012 (Blog on Tuesday)

《无敌色老爹》 - 高清正版在线观看

About Thursday

In most Romance languages, Thursday is named after the Roman god Jupiter, who was the god of sky and thunder.
The contemporary name comes from the Old English "Thunor's Day". Thunor and Thor are derived from the Proto-Germanic god Thunraz, god of thunder.

Nov.25.2011 (Blog on Friday)


About Friday

In many countries, Friday is the last day of a five-day working week, and is viewed as a cause for celebration or relief (leading to the phrase "TGIF", for "Thank God/Goodness It's Friday"). In some workplaces workers wear less formal attire on Fridays, known as Casual Friday or Dress-Down Friday.
The name Friday comes from the Old English Frīġedæġ, meaning the "day of Frigg", a result of an old convention equivocating the Old English goddess Frige with the Roman goddess Venus, with whom the day is associated in many different cultures.
In some cultures, Friday is considered unlucky. This is particularly so in maritime circles; perhaps the most enduring sailing superstition is that it is unlucky to begin a voyage on a Friday.

Nov.29.2011 (Blog on Tuesday)

Those who chosen by this world should end with this world, and those who dump by this world, I'll take them to the next world - Safie · The Next World

Nov.22.2011 (Blog on Tuesday)

回身笑着的她,已成为生命中永远的烙印,挥之不去;如果现在奥丁拥有的是我的人和我的心,那么,她则是夺走了我的魂魄,在她面前,我丧失了神志,丧失了自我,纵使时空不在,也无法斩断牵挂…… —— Rhine 《灭·世纪》

About Tuesday

Tuesday(Tue.) is after the god of war, meaning "Tīw's Day", the day of Tiw or Týr.
In both the Greek world and the Spanish-speaking world, Tuesday (the day of the week of the Fall of Constantinople) is considered an unlucky day, the 13th of the month is considered unlucky if it falls on Tuesday, instead of Friday.
In Judaism, on the other hand, Tuesday is considered a particularly lucky day, because in the first chapter of Genesis the paragraph about this day contains the phrase "it was good" twice.
Tuesday is associated with the planet Mars and shares that planet's symbol, ♂. Tuesday is also associated with Uranus.

Nov.15.2011 (Blog on Tuesday)


About Monday

Monday(Mon.) is Day of the Moon.
In legends of the ancient Roman, the goddess of the moon is wife of the god of sun, so she own a date in the week.
In England, people call this day Blue Monday. It is the first work day in a week, and people always hard to say goodbye to rest days.

Nov.14.2011 (Blog on Monday)


Nov.12.2011 (Blog on Saturday)

财富、声誉、权力,当所有人都在用时间换取物质欲望的满足的时候,我却在想着有什么方法能够赚取时间——Rhine / Time Captor

Nov.10.2011 (Blog on Thursday)


Nov.10.2011 (Blog on Thursday)


Nov.9.2011 (Blog on Wednesday)


Nov.1.2011 (Blog on Tuesday)

I prefer lycan to vampire - Halloween.

Oct.31.2011 (Blog on Monday)


Oct.31.2011 (Blog on Monday)


Oct.31.2011 (Blog on Monday)


Oct.30.2011 (Blog on Sunday)

我会将你们都忘记,直到百年之后,你们变老死去,而我将继续下去——恒久远·荒记忆 萱 《降临前夜》

Oct.30.2011 (Blog on Sunday)


Oct.30.2011 (Blog on Sunday)


Oct.30.2011 (Blog on Sunday)


Oct.29.2011 (Blog on Saturday)


Oct.29.2011 (Blog on Saturday)


Oct.29.2011 (Blog on Saturday)


Oct.20.2011 (Blog on Thursday)


Oct.5.2011 (Blog on Wednesday)


Sep.27.2011 (Blog on Tuesday)


Sep.24.2011 (Blog on Saturday)

也许我便是一个,轻易厌倦了旧的东西,却又不敢尝试新的东西的人——Felix·Clover 《灭世纪》

Sep.23.2011 (Blog on Friday)


Sep.23.2011 (Blog on Friday)


Sep.15.2011 (Blog on Thursday)


Sep.15.2011 (Blog on Thursday)


Sep.11.2011 (Blog on Sunday)


Sep.8.2011 (Blog on Thursday)

微博系统将于9.9日凌晨0点至2点进行维护,如遇异常还请保持淡定 ^^

Sep.8.2011 (Blog on Thursday)


Sep.1.2011 (Blog on Thursday)


Sep.1.2011 (Blog on Thursday)


Sep.1.2011 (Blog on Thursday)


Aug.23.2011 (Blog on Tuesday)


Aug.21.2011 (Blog on Sunday)


Aug.21.2011 (Blog on Sunday)

他们所谓的现在:有真实,有虚幻;有欢笑,有泪水;有风雨,有彩虹;有血,有肉;有存在的价值……——风华 《灭世纪》

Aug.21.2011 (Blog on Sunday)


Aug.21.2011 (Blog on Sunday)

人因看不见未来而把握现在;而神因看见了未来而缅怀过去——空 《灭世纪》

Aug.21.2011 (Blog on Sunday)

需要经由犯错来成长的,是人类;如果还想做超越者,那么,别犯错。——飞 《灭世纪》

Aug.19.2011 (Blog on Friday)

我去了很远很远的地方;但是,还可以回来的。——飞 《灭世纪》

Aug.5.2011 (Blog on Friday)


July.31.2011 (Blog on Sunday)


July.31.2011 (Blog on Sunday)


July.31.2011 (Blog on Sunday)


July.31.2011 (Blog on Sunday)

One day I'll become the truth

Jul.29.2011 (Blog on Friday)

You're all going in the same direction, ’cause everyone thinks they’re right, and nobody thinks that there just might. I don't want to go and follow you, just to end up like one of them. I'd like to think that i can go my own way and meet you in the end.

Jul.27.2011 (Blog on Wednesday)


Jul.21.2011 (Blog on Thursday)


Jul.6.2011 (Blog on Wednesday)


Jul.6.2011 (Blog on Wednesday)


June.26.2011 (Blog on Sunday)

Say goodbye to this world and welcome the next world...

June.26.2011 (Blog on Sunday)

i'll guide the world(世界,追逐我的脚步)……

Jun.22.2011 (Blog on Wednesday)

在独自一人的方向上走了太久,我迷路了…… 那个时候,希望有人能够找到我,牵起我的手,带我回家……

Jun.22.2011 (Blog on Wednesday)


Jun.22.2011 (Blog on Wednesday)

不能永恒的事物,是无法永远守护它的;你的亲人,朋友,以及所有对你而言重要的存在,终有一天会从你身边消失;如果你无法将他们从记忆中抹去,那么你便只能永远地思恋他们,直到记忆荒芜…… 不要接触太多的人,不要投入太多的感情,不要积累太多的记忆;否则,你会无法承受……

Jun.22.2011 (Blog on Wednesday)

有时候也会想,自己死的时候,会是怎样的,一个孤独的老人,独自坐在空荡荡的房间里,等待着寂寞的终结…… 也许,我不会老去,看着身边的人一个一个地离开直到麻木,也无法死去……

Jun.22.2011 (Blog on Wednesday)


Jun.22.2011 (Blog on Wednesday)


Jun.22.2011 (Blog on Wednesday)


June.19.2011 (Blog on Sunday)


May.24.2011 (Blog on Tuesday)

索尔&罗宾-守望の小屋搜狗皮肤发布。 立即下载 >

May.22.2011 - BUY A NEW PC (Blog on Sunday)

Intel Core i3, NVIDIA GeForce GT330M, 4GB/1TB

May.21.2011 (Blog on Saturday)

Tiger - The Next World

May.12.2011 (Blog on Thursday)


May.12.2011 (Blog on Thursday)


May.12.2011 (Blog on Thursday)

我走错方向了呢,走了相反的方向。 我走错的时候他们也没有叫我,可能是忘记了我的存在,或者有人看见了,却不想叫我…… 我走了好久,回头的时候,其他人已经不见了…… 我只有继续走下去,那只属于我的—— 异质路……

May.10.2011 (Blog on Tuesday)

牧场是我家动物版V2.0搜狗皮肤发布。 立即下载 >

Mar.07.2011 (Blog on Monday)

Pisces, Tblog of March is on line.

Jan.18.2011 (Blog on Tuesday)

Someone die as he ever live, someone never die as he never has a life

Jan.18.2011 (Blog on Tuesday)

Just be human, only has one-hundred-years life, rich or poor, eminence or lowliness, hero or trash... the world will never take you to its heart, the time will never record you in its track... you just live until you die, dust to dust, soil to soil...

Jan.17.2011 (Blog on Monday)

Pages on CLOVER update to My Wonderland. check it out >

Jan.7.2011 - Golden Sun (Blog on Friday)

Golden Sun - Dark Dawn. I play it again as it translate into CHS. Wonderful!

Jan.03.2011 (Blog on Monday)

My Magic and Archer level up to 80 in The World of Magic-Tower.

Jan.01.2011 (Blog on Saturday)


Jan.01.2011 - Hero (Blog on Saturday)

A wonderful song by Enrique Iglesias, check it out.

Dec.23.2010 (Blog on Thursday)

TBlog is online, and update links on index page. LAIN Zine is moved to home - My World

Dec.22.2010 (Blog on Wednesday)

Sweet Dumplings!!! SO SWEET!!!

Dec.22.2010 (Blog on Wednesday)

Add Mylove&Mylinks pages. Add a video on Elibits. Add some SogouIME skins (CLOVER series etc.)

Dec.20.2010 (Blog on Monday)

Home - pages ( Xmas Style ) upload.

Dec.20.2010 - Same Direction (Blog on Monday)

Hoobastank is AMAZING! And I think the same direction of everyone is Death...

Dec.18.2010 (Blog on Saturday)

New Wonderland website on line

Dec.12.2010 - Alone (Blog on Sunday)

Alone is a wonderful song that i like very much. cos my harddisk had been format, I searched this song on internet and found another ver. different from the one was on my disk.The origin one is grandioso and hard in mood, and this one is joyful and indifferent, easy in the face and heaviness inward. The point is - I like it too!

Nov.25.2010 (Blog on Thursday)

Thanksgiving Day

Sep.5.2010 (Blog on Sunday)

Sola - The Next World

Jun.15.2010 (Blog on Tuesday)

Will - The Next World