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Best 7'Blog

Follow your wings, free your soul... check it out >

Doomsday Only Belongs to Us

Some day, some where some one, something to you... check it out >

Make Web-Friendly Design

Some rules you would like to know that can make your design friendly to website... check it out >

My Wonderland TimeLine

50 months of our site... check it out >

Fate Eve

Unusual fiction Fate Eve Series: When a girl who is doomed to can not be loved meet the man who is doomed to love her... It is a story on love, life and eternity, Fate Eve just a beginning... When king lose his heart to a Magic, the wheel of fate begin to turn on... check it out >

Child of Saint & Devil

Game fiction by GOLDBIRD Studio.
The World of SD is a world of Sword and Magic

Tanbel Part: Legend of first hero. Tanbel is a prince of The Empire. His father was killed by Devil, and he swore vengeance against the The Devil. check it out >

Alice Part: Choice between love and destroy, truth on the back of shining & shadow, Fate Inheritor... check it out >

Lecent Part: Legend on a mercenary who save the world. Lecent is a mercenary. He met a girl in the forest, and it change his fate... check it out >